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April 30, 2004

Lohan Carjacks Duff's New Cavalier; Crashes Intro Ralph's Produce Center

No reviews this week, as AMG hasn't been updated yet. I did say nice things about the new Icarus Line album, however. Look for Penance Soiree when it comes out Tuesday. It's cooler than the polar bear's toenails. JTL... (Read more.)

Posted by Johnny Loftus at 12:11 PM

April 23, 2004

Tech TV Makes Herman Wouk Look Like Jewel's Poetry

Patty Griffin - Impossible Dream (ATO) "[Impossible Dream] emits a melancholy signal from somewhere deeper than live, a hazy place filled with the shelves of memory." Steriogram - Schmack! (Capitol) "The bomb track here? 'White Trash'. An anthem built from... (Read more.)

Posted by Johnny Loftus at 10:56 AM

April 16, 2004

Silver-Plated Safety Pin

Some of the latest reviews to have arrived for your reading pleasure. Carina Round - The Disconnection (Interscope) "You begin to wonder whether you'll need need more quarters to keep this peep show going." Julie Delpy - Julie Delpy (Pias)... (Read more.)

Posted by Johnny Loftus at 10:49 AM

April 6, 2004

Picking Fights With the Flatulent

A stock of new reviews. Mung! Fields of Gaffney - Nature Walk (New project from ex-Sebadoh guy Eric Gaffney) "The originals never careen fully into [those] old extremes of madness or muddled distraction. They dance a line down the middle... (Read more.)

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