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May 14, 2004

Cellar Door

Excerpt from last Saturday night, stuck at a particularly stultifying driveway party...

"So what do you do," she says. She's flirty, but a little too far over thirty, and could stand to lose a few LBs.

"Well, I'm a rock critic." Scanning the drive for an exit strategy.

"A what?"

"I'm a writer. I write about rock & roll."

"A what?"

"I have to go. It was nice meeting you."



I'm writing for Pitchfork now; you can read my debut on the snoot train here:

Fancey - Fancey (March)

"Todd Fancey does have a fetish for the filtered bliss of 1970s pop, strains of which stream through his self-titled debut like Toughskins through the turnstiles at a Stand Back-era April Wine gig."


Here's a batch of AMG stuff, if you're interested, including Scissor Sisters' eponymous debut and the Icarus Line's Penance Soiree, two of the best albums I"ve heard this year.

Icarus line - Penance Soiree (V2)

"Sneering like a crack whore Mick Jagger and swallowing the bass line howl whole, Icarus vocalist Joe Cardamone makes sex the type of thing to be scared of."

Scissor Sisters - Scissor Sisters (Polydor)

"... a gleaming composite of epic, unabashedly pretty '70s songwriting and fancy-pants disco hedonism, reflecting the decadent dance-pop afterglow of all that George Michael wrought."

V/A - Space Invaders (EMI/Toshiba)

"Blaps, blips, gobbles, and squiggles - they're all here, remixed for technophiles looking for a way to flip the game all over again."

Julie Roberts - Julie Roberts (Mercury Nashville)

"Roberts is beautiful, to be clear about it. But in her choice of song and style of singing, the South Carolina native keeps things gorgeously simple."

Xinlisupreme - Murder License (Fat Cat)

"While there are fleeting moments of respite, it is an album preoccupided with frightening, crashing, unending noise - the sound of industrial culture cannibalizing itself."

Various Artists - Another Country (Agenda)

"[The compilation] drifts much further afield than your average alt.country set, reveling not in convention but the delicacies and darkness of tangential Americana."

Mysterious Poufs - Wnrttrotmpr (Banazan)

"[It suggests] the aural curio that would emit from the tiny speaker of a bizarre art installation."

Nomeansno - People's Choice (AntAcidAudio)

"How fucken [sic] old are Nomeansno?" the bathroom graffiti captured on the cover reads. "Give it up grand dads."

Posted by Johnny Loftus at May 14, 2004 10:12 AM