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May 21, 2004

Firesticks and Pixies Tickets

@ Pitchfork:
John Frusciante - Shadows Collide With People (Warner Bros.)

"Heaven, pain, swirl, death, time, belief: these are the splotches of color that burst most before [Frusciante]'s retinas."

@ AMG:

New Found Glory - Catalyst (Drive-Thru)

"[It] should rule the half-pipe until Hurley's fall line comes out."

Trapist - Ballroom (Thrill Jockey)

"It's that instance when pure tone overtakes interactive playing that Trapist is fascinated with."

Clemente - Teeth Measure the Need (Moodswing)

"In 'Gradually', [the] pedal steel isn't a device to say 'Ladies and gentlemen, alt.country.' No, its swells with real gravity, shimmering in the corners of the room."

Gavin DeGraw - Chariot (J)

AMG is being a bitch about updates again. Here's some content from the archives:

Skin - Fleshwounds (EMI)

Skin deserves credit for revealing a little of the person - the woman - behind the bald, booted persona that was her [Skunk Anansie] legacy."

Sloth - Dead Generation (Hollywood)

"If you are a disaffected surburban youth, unhappy with your job at the Dilly Mart, [Sloth] might redefine happiness."

Fun Lovin' Criminals - Welcome to Poppy's (Sanctuary)

"The Criminals have tailored their sound like you would a good suit - tweaking the seams of the grooves for continued late-night appeal."

Mountaineers - Messy Century (Mute)

"It's like hearing your kitchen appliances come to life as a dance troupe, their multiple LEDs dancing on the facets of a disco ball."

Bible of the Devil - Firewater at My Command (Genuflect)

"[It] wears its influences like a leather vest over a gaping knife wound. No matter - you'll gladly sop up the spilled blood with your shirt if these will let you drink with them after the show."

Posted by Johnny Loftus at May 21, 2004 4:40 PM