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June 28, 2004

Stick it up your jaxxy.

Glorious Noise was attacked by binary ninjas last week, preventing an update. But Old Man Brown regulated, getting things under control before GloNo - and, in turn, this mini-site - became hosts for insidious pop-ups, MIDI interpretations of Mariah Carey... (Read more.)

Posted by Johnny Loftus at 9:51 AM

June 18, 2004

El Capitan thinks Cicada is the same thing as Al Qaeda

The braintrust eating blintzes in Glorious Noise's breakroom is always trying to unravel the Mystery of Rod the Mod. They wonder how someone like him can live so easily without what he used to do. Ambitious types have been growing... (Read more.)

Posted by Johnny Loftus at 9:48 AM

June 11, 2004

Caisson - The Anchorpeople Love Sayin' it.

MTV used to pour its movie awards program onto the pavement like shiny lacquer over dog shit. In 2004, the thing still stinks. But the network has finally admitted that its show is nothing more than a mobile platform for... (Read more.)

Posted by Johnny Loftus at 10:33 AM

June 4, 2004

Remote Control Me Right.

this week lingered like the haze after a storm. Every time I thought it was Thursday, it was actually just Tuesday morning. How could it not have been that way? with Memorial Day weekend's gills flanging from happily chattering out-of-towners,... (Read more.)

Posted by Johnny Loftus at 10:18 AM