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June 18, 2004

El Capitan thinks Cicada is the same thing as Al Qaeda

The braintrust eating blintzes in Glorious Noise's breakroom is always trying to unravel the Mystery of Rod the Mod. They wonder how someone like him can live so easily without what he used to do. Ambitious types have been growing in shags and trying to capture the ragged vaingloria of the Faces' first three records for 30 years, and it's still a tall order. Rod himself? As his skin gets tighter he taps Clive Davis for an American songbook makeover. As my man Tommy Erlewine says, he settles for crafted artifice when he still has the voice for shaking paint from the tin. Sit down, get up, get out.

So Rod's dead to us, pretty much. However, his purchase of the Tony Bennett Starter Pack makes something like Heart's latest album that much better. Jupiter's Darling isn't flawless - it's too long, and embraces fractals and tie dye like that shit's still vital. But it's the best thing Ann and Nancy Wilson have done in a long, long time, because it's a logical 2004 extension of their late '70s creative buzz. Fuck yeah they've still got it, and no one - not even Clive Davis - is going to make Heart sing Rodgers and Hart.

As for me, I covered The Veils' Runaway Found for Pitchfork, an album that proves yet again what everyone from Elbow and Embrace to Starsailor and South already have - at least the UK's soundalikes aren't stuck in a perpetual reset of two Alice in Chains albums and Kurt Cobain's vocals. "'Lavinia' [is] one of the album's strongest points, filling five-plus roiling sea minutes with weepy descending strings, insistent piano, and an incredible vocal performance from [The Veils' Finn Andrews] that surveys the heartache and expressive power of every vocalist since Britpop's zenith."

Tonight, on a very special "Behind the Moustache": Donovon Frankreiter.

There was other, boring writing going on at AMG this week; very little to link to. Instead of griping, why don't you look forward to next Friday, and reviews of Ministry's return effort, Fun Lovin' Criminals' import retrospetive, and the weirdness of JoJo? In the meantime, "Leave [Get Out]"!


Posted by Johnny Loftus at June 18, 2004 9:48 AM