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July 23, 2004

One day I will have "staffers".

Goddamn if All Music didn't finally update its site. Now you can read about such hotness as The Locust's Follow the Flock, Step in Shit ("...a minute and a half of gutter slime, insectoid scream-core that caccoons you in saliva and squelch") and Red Planet's latest Gearhead effort ("...for some reason it brings to mind Peter Godwin"), as well as the typically quirky, yet oddly appealing comeback record from Presidents of the United States of America. I've decided: the Presidents are like the Barenaked Laides for cool people.

The darker side of Seatlle spawned Earth, which in turn inspired the sonic death monkeys in Sunn 0))). I wrote about these dudes' White2 transmission for Pitchfork, and let me tell you the shit's a trip. "[Their] riffs are made miles long by sustain. But that length is like a timeline, or a trajectory from the simple fears of man's formative years through the powerfully unsettling simplicity of two distorted guitars and an enormous bass cabinet. on White2, Sunn set their amps on 'primeval'".

Holy shit! Back at AMG, what about Miss Machine, the (finally!) new album from Dillinger Escape Plan? "...jarring instrumental changes work as a bitches' brew of stealthy genius, sticking you with a shiv and changing faces in the dark." I tried to give this album 18 stars, but the editors said we only had 5. Let's hear it for nose-flattening guitar feedback and leftfield proto-jazz freakouts. If Icarus Line's Penance Soiree has made them America's latest hearthrobs, Miss Machine will put Dillinger on the cover of Bop! in the fourth dimension. Huzzah!

Although I haven't written about it yet, Greg Dulli's Twilight Singers are ruling my butterflies with She Loves You, their covers record. Ever wondered what Mary J Blige's "Real Love", or perhaps Bjork's "Hyperballad" would sound like channeled through the sex and red wine fog of Dulli's manic frontal lobe? "Fucking amazing", Vudi whispers in your ear as answer. Remember the video for "Debonair" (or was it "Gentlemen"?), where Dulli disappears and is replaced by a sexy black girl whenever the narrative shifts? That's what She Loves You does; that's what it says to you; that's how it kills you; that's why I might just stay home this weekend, drink whiskey, and listen to Dulli ooze the lyrics. "I go through all this/Before you wake up/So I can feel happier/To be safe with you".

What else? What about Maria Mena? She has something, this one. Well, she is Norwegian. But there's also this impossibly fresh quality about her - when she's happy, it's like every Noxema ad in the world singing to you at once. Mena might be Rachael Yamagata's younger, less jaded and cerebral sibling.

Still listening to "Brave New Waves"; as I read more about it on der Interneter, I discover that the show's been on Canadian radio for over twenty years. Certain articles even credit it with nurturing the country's current crop of amazing rockers (Broken Social Scene, Godspeed You Black Emperor!, etc.). I'm looking forward to "BNW"'s return to air (they all up on holiday, see?) like I am the "OC"'s. I heard they're giving Seth Cohen a synthesizer-playing addiction this season, just to stick mightily to the sophomore slump.


Posted by Johnny Loftus at July 23, 2004 10:00 AM


I always used to listen to Brave New Waves when I lived in TO. Brent Banbury hosted it then -- he was a witty fellow. I then got addicted to NightLines, the show that came on after. It's 7 hours of music, all night, and was hosted by a cool, funny guy named David Wisdom. Is NightLines still extant? It had all these wacky listener-personalities, kind of like an Internet community.

Kristy, Jul 26, 2004 1:30PM

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