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September 15, 2004

Report: Isaac Brock to guest star on "According to Jim"

There doesn't look to be any joy in Mudville for Adam Brody. A year ago at this time, he was looking forward to a career of Quirky Smart Aleck Friend roles, much like this guy is cultivating with roles in 40 Days and 40 Nights and now "Joey". However, ever since der OC's midseason ramp-up, he's become the anti-leading man leading man, a walking T shirt slogan (the irritatingly cutesy "I heart Seth Cohen"), and most of all, Hollywood's archetypal indie boy.

Hollywood is a dull-witted beast, so the latter's glaze is to be expected. In fact, GloNo was already on that case, way back in 2001. At the time it was this guy holding the quirky conch. He was the witty, sardonic punk rocker - the outsider in a Ramones T shirt to whom the comely head cheerleader is inexplicably drawn. Jesse Bradford recently hung himself with the sleeves of his own track jacket, so the rise of A-Brod hasn't been good for everyone. However, it's not looking so good for Seth himself, either.

I have to say I sensed the Brody Backlash as far back as his late spring appearance on "Punk'd". With he and TV/real life hottie squeeze Rachel Bilson making the fancypants indie scene all over LA and generally carrying on like a couple of Omaha cheerleaders who just blew that sadsack asshat from Bright Eyes, it became clearer every day - Celebrity only likes its anti-leading men leading men for a little while. Staying power requires chiseling.

Blogs and snide commenters have already commenced sniping, and season two is still a month away. Will the kid survive? Or will he really die in a laudanum-fueled cab accident?

As I said to a pal via email, after she fw'd knowlege of McG and Brody's intent to remake Revenge of the Nerds, which would brazenly brand him as Leading Nerd for evermore, and probably mark him for quirky father roles on Disney kid programming:

"...[I]t's my belief that Brody has fully and completely become a caricature of whatever he once was...He's somehow gone from geek, to making geeks cool, to being a geek again, all in the space of one hit TV season. Good luck with season two, dude - hope you're giving the high hard one to Rachel Bilson as I write this, 'cause you only get a few Page Six snubs before she's in a three-way with Vilmer and Lindsay."

Seth's on his way back from Tahiti, Chino's going back to Chino, Hailey's in Hawaii as bad girl Tessa, and Sandy's eyebrows are out of fucking control. What's going to happen on the "OC", version 2.0? We'll see. But if the show overshoots wildly its meticulously-crafted cool factor, and becomes something far less than Event TV (read: "North Shore"), then Brody might be hoping he can get the roles Rob Morrow's turning down.


Posted by Johnny Loftus at September 15, 2004 10:02 AM

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holy crap, you have a blog too.
Which doesn't concentrate on how sad your life is.
And your review of More Adventurous was infinitely better than mine.
I would say "welcome," but you appear to have been around for a while.
seething with jealousy,


wow that was completely useless