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November 17, 2004

Exclusive: Twain melts Rove's arctic heart

"Shania Twain's 'Party for Two' might be the single of the year. [It's] a laser-guided, petri dish-corrected, space age polymer orgasm of clean burning, unadulterated joy. In other words, its pitch-corrected tickle has a mandate to make you smile". -... (Read more.)

Posted by Johnny Loftus at 10:11 AM

November 16, 2004

Yo man, does that van have captain's chairs?

As Christmas music creeps across the land, local oldies stations competing with knives out to be the first 24/7 jingle pimp, it's nice to know the stoners have something saving in store for us. Ah, those stoners. Wispy moustaches, rumpled... (Read more.)

Posted by Johnny Loftus at 10:19 AM

November 4, 2004

President Pocky says, "Natch!"

Oh-oh, the guns of Brixton. As usual, Patton Oswalt fucking nails it. His recollection of returns watching shared its harried patch of crazy with the pyramid of whiskey drinks that sat on a scarred Bosco table before me and the... (Read more.)

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