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February 22, 2005

Grow-Grow Dancing Cellular Girls.

Find yourself low on cash in 2005, and it's time for some old-school belt tightening. Not so in 18th century North America, when a lack of funds was remedied with a few beaver traps. Those pelts were worth $! Plus, back then there were no blogs.

NEW FEATURE, the instant review:

"Mu's Out of Breach [Manchester's Revenge] clangs you over the head with a giant, penguin-shaped keyboard. Its dancefloor is made of light-up swear words, 'Stop Bothering Michael Jackson' sounds like Deerhoof covering Björk's 'Army of Me', and the DFA-like 'Tigerbastard' has one of the best song names. That is until Breach's next song, the raw overdose chaos of 'We Love Guys Named Luke'. Mu is challenging to listeners and mothers everywhere. Don't look now, she's stabbing you with a fork." - Johnny Loftus

Other recent reviews:

Parker & Lily - Low Lows [Warm]

Ana DaSilva - Lighthouse [Chicks on Speed]

Josh Ritter - Hello Starling [V2 version with bonus Live EP]

Bird Show - Green Inferno [Kranky]

Bastro - Sing the Troubled Beast/Diablo Guapo (Drag City)


Posted by Johnny Loftus at February 22, 2005 3:04 PM