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February 18, 2005

Just a shell of a badass.

I'm still conflicted about my man Frusciante. Ultimately, his spot in the top ten was landed by the sheer volume of material he released, and the level to which 90% of it was pretty fucking challenging stuff. Frusciante's like a spirit brother of Devendra Banhart's who burned up a scraps of Ryan Adams' hair and clothing to make a chalky green resin. He smeared the resin on his guitar strings and started to play soul jive psych-country. Coyne perked up out in Oklahoma, like Spike the Dog's radar ear in "Tom & Jerry" - "What's that sound coming out of a hole to the west?" thought Coyne. "Damn - six albums in one year? That's a Pollard/Adams pace! But listen to those chords, that voice! This kid has something. I need to find him." And with that, Coyne jumped in his jalopy and headed for the Hollywood Hills.

My Pazz & Jop list.

For reference:

John Frusciante, Shadows Collide With People

John Frusciante, Will to Death

Skye Sweetnam, Noise from the Basement

Wrangler Brutes, Zulu

Sahara Hotnights, Kiss & Tell>

Terror at the Opera, Snake Bird Blue


Posted by Johnny Loftus at February 18, 2005 9:06 AM

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i am here
because i was curious as to who wrote the gary wilson review for mary had brown hair on amg. a fearsome bit that.