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April 25, 2005

Hammer and Sickle Me Elmo.

I've loved Love as Laughter since Sam Jayne left Lync and made Greks Bring Gifts in 1996. Album title: shit hot. "Keep Your Shade", "Uninvited Trumpets", "Let's Talk Radar"? Some of the best lo-fi pop of the 1990s. Now, after a hiatus, Love as Laughter has returned. Jayne's a little older, and his songwriting has improved. While the old stuff had its charms, LAL no longer has to lean on that "I got no money, but love my shit even though it sounds like I wrapped the mic in an Izod snot rag/Can I sleep on your floor?" axiom that floated above the 1990s Pacific Northwest like the angel Gideon's flaming Gibson SG.

"Love as Laughter kind of meandered to a pause after 2001's fabulous Sea to Shining Sea...While LAL was away a lot of people started noticing the Shins - another Sub Pop band making literate, charmingly weary little songs - and those same listeners will love Laughter's Fifth. (Naturally, the veteran [Sam] Jayne aficionados don't need to be cajoled.)"

Read the rest of the review here.


Vince Dieseltinowisz is so much fun to rip on. When used correctly, this link provides a solid 30 seconds of chuckles.

Oh, and Vin is no longer in the Xander Xone. Neither are we. Instead we have Ice Cube and the XXX: State of the Union soundtrack. It has a cover version of "Fight the Power" from, uh, Korn and Xzibit.

Next antihero/B-lister to take the XXX job? I'd guess that blonde haired douchebag from "Lost", or maybe Affleck. Cast your votes.


This past weekend was the first annual Motor City Music Conference, a four-day event with over 400 bands playing at multiple venues, as well as a full slate of panels, seminars and speakers during the day. Last week the Metro Times ran preview blurbs for some of the acts involved; I covered Loretta Lucas, Coke Dick Motorcycle Awesome, Johnny Headband, The Slats, The Snaggs.

My official post-game will publish in the next Metro Times. But for now let's say that myself, Brian Smith, and Chris Handyside having an hour-long conversation with 30 people about rock criticism was a definite highlight. A panel re: online promotion/music blogs, etc. featuring Ryan from MCR, Zac from DataWhat, Grambo from Whatevs, Rob from Dorkwave/Rob's Blog/AMG, and Sam from Ghostly was pretty great, too. Dudes in the audience had laptops, man. Laptops. None of those at my panel, though there was a camera and miniature indie girl filming us. Strange, 'cause I signed no release.

Showcase highlights: Paybacks, Burning Brides, Loretta, Westerberg, Porchschlepper, and Bang Sugar Bang, who I didn't get a chance to see but found me out in the conference room dead zone.

Showcase lowlights: Derek Phillips from Riviera recounts his band's nightmare of a time at MC2. What he doesn't mention is that their not playing a set led to laughs at the Belmont (Hamtramck whut!) and a late, late night at my house listening to Cinderella and watching VH1 Classic.


Posted by Johnny Loftus at April 25, 2005 4:24 PM

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Mr. Gary:

Our time this weekend was short, but glorious, Dear Johnny ... Thank you for joining me in 90 minutes of panel buzz on Saturday. Though we lacked coffee or beer, we made up for it in Red Bull, coffee, shaking hands and determination.

Garry, I was sipping Guinness from my coffee cup for the first hour of that panel. If you were thirsty for booze, why didn't you just lick Brian Raleigh's face?



I wouldn't have needed to lick his face - we could've gotten a buzz just smelling the air around him after this weekend.

That was Guinness in your mug? Damn, that's quality. I wish I'd have thought of that.


Thanks for putting us up. It's always a good time, especially when foxy South American girls make the scene. Shazam!

Tell Vinny Dombrowski I said hello.