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April 6, 2005

Look at this page and say...yes.

I don't know what's wrong with me, I don't normally do this. Wait, yes I do.


Beck is Beck is Beck. Half the fun of his releasing an album is comparing the critics' descriptors and adjectives. Here's my version.


In 1991, "Movin' on Up" was all over Chicago radio. (Well, WXRT anyway.) Primal Scream's shambling Stones tribute was also a hit in my friend the Swede's 1982 Toyota Corolla. But when the song ended and the beats and psychedelia of "Slip Inside This House" dropped, Larry promptly threw Screamadelica right out the window. That was a rash move, considering the album's, er, impact. But the Swede was just a little less patient back then.

Right now I'm encouraging him not to turn What Comes After the Blues into plastic shrapnel. The Swede says he expected the rangy rock of Magnolia Electric Co.'s first appearance, the live set Trials & Errors. I told him What Comes After is on a clearer line from Songs: Ohia, and encouraged him to give it a chance. Chances are he will; after all, the Swede really has grown more patient over the years. Recently, he even made it all the way to "Loaded".

"We wanna be free...to do what we want to do!"


Remember Reel Big Fish? Purevolume users, attention: they hate your band.


This week CCM takes a turn for the sweet with Kristin Chenoweth's As I Am. She's a Tony award-winning Broadway singer who transitioned effortlessly into TV, then decided to release an album mixing country and adult contemporary instrumentation with hymnal book standards and Christian worship favorites.

Goddamn is Kristin a busy girl. She's like the petite, Christian, and blonde version of Jack Johnson, the bearded dynamo and former champion surfer who sold a generation of coeds his shuffling island folk-pop ("The man has only one look for chrissakes!") on the strenghth of six strings and a grin. Maybe if Bodhi hadn't chased that final phantom wave he'd still be Zenning it up today. Jack Johnson would hang out by his bonfire, and Kristin Chenoweth would be a reverent and spunky Johnny Utah for the 21st century. Maybe.


Posted by Johnny Loftus at April 6, 2005 10:03 AM