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June 7, 2005

Krull is crunk, 'cause this glaive's a chalice.

The Aquabats are so raven. Charge!! is not a great album, but it's a great album in the context of the band. "A lot of guys have written songs about teenage dirtbags and losers getting lucky. But their subtext is usually a whiny one, like they know it's all a fantasy. Not the Aquabats...Charge!! does geekdom proud [by putting] 'hilarious,' 'solid songwriting,' and 'mechanical ape' in the same sentence."

Motion City Soundtrack is like a Hold Steady for twenty year-olds. "'Let's get fucked up and die,' the clever 'LG Faud' begins. But it's not what you think ."I am speaking figuratively, of course.'"

Matson Jones' debut is promising, but a little flat. Too bad; there's the air of PJ's "Man Size Sextet" about some of it.

Vitamin's unstoppable string quartet pop tribute series recently released a new batch; The Killers get the treatment. Now's your chance to hear "Somebody Told Me" broadcast through the tension and urgency of a cello. It's wearing eye shadow, too.

"The Brunettes have a dark streak in their corn silk...[because] writing something as fantastic and sticky as 'Loopy Loopy Love' isn't easy - it's Nu Shooz meeting a 21st century Ohio Express.'


Speaking of the Killers, I wasn't going to wait in line for their mediocrity, so they didn't make my piece on the 89x Birthday Bash, held Memorial Day weekend here in the D. The piece itself got squeezed a little, too - space restrictions are a bear - but it gets the point across that, for some reason, a lot of festivalgoers seem to like waiting around more than they do rocking out. Oh, and Sum 41 is just the best. At least for a populist summer rock fest. Their vocalist, Deryck Whibley? He's like a little kid that broke into his older brother's stash of skin magazines, warm Coors Light, crumpled packs of Basic 100s, and Rasperry Stoli. Hilarious.

(And don't forget about New Zealand's answer to Sum 41.)


Posted by Johnny Loftus at June 7, 2005 6:17 PM

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I was at the 89x show too and besides a couple people it sucked. At one point we couldn't get into the State or Fox because both were full. I can't believe so many kids were into the worst bands. At least I didn't have to pay.