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June 01, 2005

Mobilize some laughs with just one call.

Burger King's Star Wars-themed ads are 730 calories of hilarious. Stormtroopers lighting grills with blaster weapons; R2D2 projecting an image of some schlub's girlfriend, who then pesters him to win the trip, "because it's your only hope"; Darth Vader ingratiating himself badly to a new scratch-off winner. ("Luke, I am your, uh, uncle!") The level of overexposure here is way, way too high - almost as high as your caloric intake after the average BK meal. ("Yeah, I'll take three Enormous Omelette Sandwiches, and a side of Daris Rucker...") But like the successful and chucklingly subversive Subservient Chicken Internet campaign of last year, the BK/Star Wars spots don't give in to the corporate parking brake. The marketing gas pedal is pressed all the way to the floor, but so are the switches for wit and brains. Consuming anything at Burger King is like paying to be punched repeatedly in the gut. Ad world absurdity won't change that. But I still enjoy the spots. Best? The one I'll call "King vs. Vader". BK's humanoid mascot stares into the cold black eyes of the galaxy's biggest villain. It's giant plastic head versus dark helmet, and the silence - no voiceover - just makes it more hilarious. Nice job, Crispin Porter + Burgundy. If you can figure out a way to get those singing elephant ears from Quizno's ("They got a pepper bar!") into an ad with the King, I'll eat a whopper.


Everyone was wrong when they said MIA couldn't bring it live. Her May 20th set at the Majestic was a total thrill that "fused the best elements [of Arular] into a vibrant, sweaty party that left a sell-out crowd dangerously in love."


"Mary Gauthier's storytelling on Mercy Now is a steady and deliberate force of gravity. She doesn't sing so much as shrug her shoulders, impart the damage, or be a vessel for forgiveness..."



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