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September 7, 2005

Deflector of Intelligence.

Remember last May? Why does it seem so far away? For a refresher - as well as a primer for a new season of "OC" recaps on Glorious Noise - here's a link to and excerpt from "Human Chinome Project," my recap of "The OC"'s season two finale:

"...So Trey had sex and did drugs with a coo-coo for cocoa puffs devil girl whose name was never fully established. She'd show up behind lockers to accost Ryan, or appear in a bra on Trey's crappy couch with a coke mirror in her palm. Maybe she actually OD'd during that party at Marissa's, and was only a figment of Trey and Ryan's tortured Chino brains. I see dead floozies. Maybe. Regardless, the Street Thug now lies on his apartment floor, clutching a sucking chest wound. Marissa, who shot him, is still crazy. But the Fawn has a family now with Jimmy back in the picture. Kirsten's in rehab, giving Sandy a dose of reality. And Seth and Summer are back together ("Seth Cohen's a tool!"), even if it probably won't last. (Hopefully it won't like Fleischman and O'Connell, they're better at flirty fighting.) As for Ryan, once the bruises from being choked by his brother wear off, he'll probably have even more Chino baggage to cart around Newport Beach. Keep in mind he also ran into Theresa, his dark-eyed gorgeous ex, and she's got that pesky baby. What's going to happen on "The OC," season three? At this point, it wouldn't be surprising if Oliver knocked on the door."


According to the season three trailer, Chino's running away. (Again.) Ahem. What's he going to do? Get on that stupid BMX again after pulling his black windbreaker/grey hoodie ensemble from a dusty corner of the poolhouse closet? Yeah, right. Chino's staying, Trey survived, Kirsten's an alcoholic, and Marissa's still a crazy coquettish loon. But I bet Summer's still cool as hell, so at least some good things never change.

(Scroll down to the bottom of that "OC" article for some choice comments from the show's freakish tweener fans, who are too busy watching TV on thursday nights to study their grammar homework. Choice: "omg i hope trey doesnt die he was the best hes fit! really that evuil nutty Jess bitch shud die i hope she does coz i want trey 2 myself he shud settle down he might not die or will he im prayin no dont let him hes FIT!")

You're fit but you know it.


Feist is finally getting the attention she and Let it Die deserved when the album came out, like, two years ago. Here's my version of that attention re: her Magic Bag appearance 9/9.


A black metal album for the shunners of black metal.

Another Sarah McLachlan remix album for anyone wondering whatever happened to Talvin Singh.

A new Armand Van Helden album. No surprises - none - but some of it'll still get your party all twisted around and freaky, depending on volume and intoxicants.

Speaking of parties, these guys rock paste-core and blabber-metal. "Given the artful absurdity of its accompanying photography - like a subverted ad campaign for Diesel or Capital One, Turbonegro dudes dressed as Norse warriors, dandies, and sailors appearing in the unlikeliest of places - the album's toilet-scum rock-god obviousness might be the point, a pomo version of the longstanding Turbo joke."


Music? Message? Le Tigre could probably give up the music part of their act and become incredibly successful multimedia warriors. The video display at their recent Detroit tour stop was nearly the best part. It was certainly the most effective.


Not sure if it's a promotional shot or what, but the inside tray photo of the new soundtrack for the Showtime series "Weeds" depicts star Mary-Louise Parker lying on a lawn wearing only a garland of pot leaves, and she looks really foxy. Sometimes, for a like a half-second, I wish I had Showtime. This is one of those times. (the program's Web site is kind of funny, too; look for my review of the soundtrack next week.)


S'not worth it, Mike, jus' leave it.
Don't touch me, don't, look I'm alright, don't touch me.


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