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October 18, 2005

I'm comcastic, my beat is correct.

Folk music and East Coast days, Bert Jansch, Kate & Anna McGarrigle, Dean Wareham and Brita Phillips, the perpetually-overlooked Loudon Wainwright III, the entirety of Lou Reed's spooky tone poem "Street Hassle" (the one with the creep-out Bruce Springsteen cameo at the end) - the Squid & the Whale soundtrack has a lot to offer. Curiosity and Unlimited licensing money = terrific.

(Loudon Wainwright III lies awake in his restored fisherman's lodge, near Meat Cove in Nova Scotia. He's wondering about he and Kate's children, so fabulous and free in New York City. "They've upstage me," he decides, having the seesaw conversation for what must be the 400th time. Ever the unassuming feline, Rex just gazes back, his eyes glinting in the dusty light that finds its way through the lodge's lead glass.

But then Loudon thinks about poor Martha, and the stalker who built a lifesize mashup of she and Feist out of twine and half-eaten Peeps. Since no one's around but the cat, Loudon admits that the statue didn't look half bad, perched there in Yonge-Dundas square. But still, lovely Martha. "Her record has that homespun wit I love," he thinks. "And what about the sailor suit in the video for 'When the Day is Short?' She looks great! How come assholes like this guy keep writing about Feist instead?"

Ultimately Loudon, turning over on the afghan, decides that he can't decide if Martha and Rufus have upstaged his career. [This is what he always decides.] Ah, it doesn't matter. He's happy about his songs having been licensed to Squid & the Whale; Emitt Rhodes got a little boost from the Royal Tenenbaums inclusion, and look what happened to that nice Brazilian kid who sang the Bowie songs in Life Aquatic? Loudon isn't saying that's going to happen to him, but it'd be nice to get some pub again.

It'll go great with my work in 'Undeclared,'" he thinks, and settles into an Attempted Moustache nap.)


"...bad cologne and worse drugs versus the sleek lines of [Audion]'s Suckfish, the sex toy prototype."


Antony & the Johnsons, live in Detroit at the Gem Theatre. Antony covering Eminem? You got it. Too bad he didn't do "Like a Prayer," though. That would've ruled.


"Human Furnance and Ringworm's aesthetic [on Justice Replaced by Revenge] exists somewhere else entirely. They shout equally at God and the Devil, and don't believe in Earthly help. Their creed is the fiercest form of self-reliance, a commitment to social athiesm that has as little use for followers as it does heroes."


First Christmas music review of the season.


"...Even when the songs were only rudimentary and the jokes fell more than flat, Screeching Weasel stuck brazenly to their guns." Man, hearing "What We Hate" and "Cindy's on Methadone" for the first time in, like, 13 or 14 years really takes you back McGregor's all ages shows stizz.



Posted by Johnny Loftus at October 18, 2005 5:41 PM