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November 22, 2005

My Disco Pants.

"If there was even a question after a decade of destruction, 9.0 proves the rewarding brutality of Slipknot live. So when they're beating on the back of your skull with an aluminum bat, looking for a mind to change, are you going to call them arrogant, or believe in the confidence?"

(See also: Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses.)


Let's take a moment and appreciate that somewhere, right now, well-meaning white people with Keds and Fantastic Sam's haircuts are getting their happy on to Jump 5. (Also here and here.)


Soundtrack stuff:

"[Doom's] business plan is brutally, ingeniously simple. Hideous Demons + The Rock + The Rock laying badass People's Elbow/chain gun smackdowns on Hideous Demons = teenage boy $$$."

A double shot of Saw soundtrack reviews, with Charlie Clouser's score for the original Saw as well as the more conventionally Hollywood Saw 2 set.


Aerial is a nice return for Kate Bush. "It has cryptic cover art, elliptical lyrics, unpredictable arrangements, and at its center is Bush herself, art-rock queen, who really just wants to sing about ... suburbia? Well, not the suburbs, per se. But Aerialís grandeur comes mostly from the simplicity of contentment and joy."


In the 1989 film Snake Eater, Lorenzo Llamas plays a guy who used be an elite Marine killing machine, but now drives around on a Harley in pre-"Renegade" wanderer form. Anyway, in the film he's pitted against a cadre of hilariously overacting hillbillies, who killed Lorenzo's family and kidnapped his sister at some point before I started watching the film. (no word on what the hill people did with Lorenzo's oil.) You would think Llamas the killing machine would spring into action, his veneer of civility shattered by the unmentionable cruelty enacted upon his closest held innocents. But that's not really what goes down. First, he gets the crap beaten out of him by the backwoods overactors' troupe. Next his Harley is transformed into this inefficient and just plain strange jet ski/motorcycle hybrid, which Lorenzo proceeds to ride up the river until it's bombed or his neck hits a tripwire or something; it isn't made clear, only that the rednecks also seem to be part of the Army Corps of Engineers. Eventually Llamas manages to take out a few of the hillbillies with punji stakes. But later, during his "I work alone!" assault on their backwoods lair, the supposedly highly trained soldier, tracker, and killing machine steps on an entirely obvious bear trap. Snake Eater was never going to be Oscar material, no matter how Shakespearean the guy playing Junior wanted his jamoking redneck to sound. But its ridiculous plot should have been at least formulaically believable. I'm not even going to get into the "dangerous runaway tractor" that bears down on Lorenzo and his sister at approximately 1 MPH.


Make way for the SOV! Well, at least until her talked-to-death full-length comes out, allegedly next year. By then the Internet will have eaten her alive. Regardless:

"The beats sputter out of Lady Sovereign's Vertically Challenged EP like the sound from a teenager's half-crushed iPod - on 'Random,' rhythms clatter like crushed beer cans, and an air-raid siren whoops over lyrics copped from J Kwon."

(Live: Lady Sovereign @ Sonotheque Chicago 7/8/2005)


"[Audio Bullys] sport a clean, ultra-modern sound that's post-Streets, post-Jaxx, post -Guy Ritchie. But they rarely go further than referentialism, and this means Generation is pretty unoriginal in its pirate material."

A better album in a similar vein:

"As Tales from the Sitting Room unfolds you get tired of trying to spot [Stromba's influences.] It's a worthless exercise, anyway ó these tracks are too well crafted to get snobby about. And besides, with the explosion of chillout comps and stale trip-hop forays at the end of the 1990s, it's refreshing to hear a largely instrumental, groove-based record that, you know, actually grooves."


Is there such a thing as a Volvo wave? Like the Jeep wave?


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