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February 15, 2006

You're not anywhere, and I can't find you.

"[The Electric Six's new album Seņor Smoke] dissipates quickly. It satisfies the bloodstream like McDonald's grease but makes you feel used and empty later, like maybe you just wasted an hour of your life. But who hasn't felt like that on some toxic cloud Sunday morning? In their best moments E6 are superior culture trash garbagemen. They recycle everything that we love in secret, when it's too dark or too late to matter. "Jimmy Carter" quotes the Backstreet Boys, for Christ's sake. They coat this filmy realty show existence of ours with even more grease, selling it back to us in glossy, embossed red cardboard, and we hate them for saying they party harder than we ever might. Electric Six is back, all right. Happy (belated) Valentine's Day."
--- Excerpted from "Shtick Remains the Same,"
Metro Times, 2/15/06


Also, speaking of Valentine's Day:

"Sex and lust have definitely been a part of music since forever, but so have chapbook hymns and doddering, soft-pedaled love themes. It's that balance again, the tug between prudishness and prurience. For every primal tribute to sex like Screamin' Jay Hawkins' "Frenzy," there's a maudlin, glazed-over love ballad by Steve Lawrence or Paul Anka. The dirty sprawl of Exile on Main Street came out in 1972, but so did the Carpenters' bright and cheery A Song for You."
---- Excerpted from "Under our skin: Cole, crunk, and
the death of subtlety
," Metro Times 2/08/06


The Olympics are very Mobysian.


Posted by Johnny Loftus at February 15, 2006 12:33 PM