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June 15, 2006

Ikea Turner.

I've been listening to Cansei de Ser Sexy's Sub Pop debut again and again. I'm going to lobby the casino across the street from my office to broadcast it on their loudspeaker, so all the elderly folks waiting for tourbuses can hear it, too.

But CSS are frightening, too. They're like a self-contained trend that hasn't blown up yet, only because it doesn't feel like it yet. They're like five Lily Allens plus a dude, and every single lyric is razor sharp. It's no longer cool to be an Internet sensation - just ask Avenue D. But Cansei de Ser Sexy seem like a new generation of that aesthetic - a group born from Beyoncé, crate-digging, Web cams and comment posts - "Would you like to see me do that? Would you? You do it first" - but also from the US's sudden realization that Brazil is where the real fun exists, because we all know it doesn't exist here anymore. They're the energy in Kristin Cavallari's smile, but also represent how instant, unattainable, haughty, and disorienting a phenomenon like Cavallari is. And this just makes their music more awesome.

"2 girls and a cam! 3 girls and a cam! You put a dog there and you got Polaroid scat." - CSS's Lovefoxxx in "Artbitch"

This shit's going to be huge; that's just the plain truth.


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Posted by Johnny Loftus at June 15, 2006 2:54 PM

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Johnny, hook me up with that shit!

And man are you right about the fun being lost in America. What the fuck happened? Is this what six years of the Bush administartion does to a psyche? Imagine 12 years!?!?

I am trying my damndest to have fun at ALL times, and it is not easy. You know me, I am not happy. But I can have fun, and that's the point. You don't need to be happy to have fun, just ask GG Allin.