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July 14, 2006

Revenge of the Hittites.

From the record company boilerplate:

"Enter 2006 and Deadsy returns with their signature sound, termed 'undercore,' yet has taken their musical odyssey to another level. Their ability to create a perfect dichotomy between eerie and beautiful is most apparent on PHANTASMAGORE, with its grinding guitars, dense synth and distortion, coupled with beautiful melodies and undeniable hooks. Taking cues from pop culture as much as the metaphysical, whether referencing Velvet Underground or Stanley Kubrick, science or sci-fi, Deadsy's existence straddles a dual reality. Enamored by all things visual and incorporating its ideology into each facet of performance, Deadsy's live shows are unprecedented. World domination to begin shortly."

That's some goofy smoked glass hyperbole. But Deadsy is unquestionably top-shelf schlock. Commencement is still a classic, its privileged youths take on Korn and Blue Oyster Cult remaining weird and entertaining three years later. And now Deadsy's parlor act is back. Admit it! The warbling keys of "Better Than You Know" are your commander! The first row tears the Gog, alas, the sky falls...rain the angels.

Memory Lane:
Deadsy Poets Society - The Hammer of the Celebrity Gods Strikes Again
"Deadsy sounds like The Grand Illusion at 78rpms, Daniel Ash fronting Children of Bodom, or the music that's made when the only guy in the band who has a truck/practice space/rich parents/extra girlfriends/________ happens to play a synthesizer and have an Aleister Crowley fixation."


The Future is Wow
"[A] part-fantasy landscape of light-emitting diodes that spell out F-U-N in letters you can see from outer space."

Pop Goes the World: Is Tally Hall ready for their closeup?


Hooray for the winners.

Posted by Johnny Loftus at July 14, 2006 1:44 PM