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July 9, 2006


Timbaland's having the best summer ever. Nelly's "Promiscuous" owned the first part, with apologies to Shakira and 'Clef. But with Justin Timberlake's "SexyBack," Tim's gone essentially psycho. It's two parts played against each other like baying hounds on drugs, and even manages to craft a new catchphrase as its hook. "I'm bringing Sexy back?" Who says that? I didnt even know it left. Regardless, it rules in this context. The production's gritty and weird like the best Timbaland, and JT's vocals are scuttled over with some kind of prickly mute - "SexyBack" sounds more like a chopped 'n' screwed version of Kelis put back on its right speed than it does Timberlake.

JT, man. He did it right. Does anyone even remember that he was in NSYNC? That he fucked around with a triple double called Britney? That he was at the Super Bowl with Janet? Kid can do no wrong, and he's all the better for it.


Potato Salad Surgery
"Potato salad is the DJ of the American picnic. It really is. Think about it. It's gathered together from disparate sources like a remix for your tongue, it's a culinary cornerstone crucial to the outdoor chilling experience. And if potato salad's the DJ, then iced tea is the emcee, blankets are graffiti, and lawn sports are breakdancing. Hip hop's four elements meet their leisure-time mirrors."

Dabrye, Two/Three
"Two's collaborative spirit connects Dabrye's drowsy futurism with the anxious, street-specific aesthetic of Detroit hip hop."



Posted by Johnny Loftus at July 9, 2006 2:49 PM