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August 9, 2006

Craig Finn is checking his email.

I'm really angry that road construction prevented my catching Sleater-Kinney's set at Lollapalooza '06 ("Lolla Lolla Lollapalooza, Please - The crapness, the greatness, and the hammered, ball-grabbing Wolfmotherness of it all" ). They're such a great band, and I think it's really a shame that their pet issues or the fact that they're women too often overshadow how sick-awesome of songwriters and performers they really are. In my Lollapalooza recap I give props to Queens of the Stone Age, who surprised me with (at least half) a set of truly powerful, even scary rock 'n' roll. I honestly didn't think that much of them before their set.

But if I had been able to catch S-K, I know they would've gotten the nod for sheer badasness over QOTSA. I just looked at their Web site, and it seems the final Sleater-Kinney shows ever will take place this weekend in Portland. According to Travelocity it would cost me $660 to fly there. That's about $546 more than I have to spend. Well, I'm sure it's sold out, anyway. So at this point all I have to look forward to are the S-K vet solo projects. I hope Carrie Brownstein starts a band with Joe Lally and Brendan Canty.


A Pop Cherub Gets His Wings
From Snowhite to Love Arcade, this singer's confidence is flying

"It's time for him to go. The sun has shifted, and it's threatening the porcelain sheen of his complexion. Christian has bigger things to worry about like Love Arcade's upcoming tour and promoting a record that's so clean and tidy it burps like Rubbermaid. But he probably isn't worrying about those things."


Keep it bustin' like a bubble.

Posted by Johnny Loftus at August 9, 2006 2:55 PM