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September 27, 2006

A Different kind of tension.

"A Different Kind of Tension: Trajectory, meaning and discovery in Detroit's noise music scene":

Noise music gets a bad rap as being too volatile and oppressive. It's often maligned as an out-there genre pursued only by those lost souls who've completely forsaken conventional rock 'n' roll in favor of routinely locking their heads inside an autoclave, or envisioned as some horrible, scary cauldron that boils with the bloody discharge of 10,000 ruptured eardrums. Lou Reed can probably be blamed for some of that. In 1975 he released Metal Machine Music, a clanging run-on sentence of feedback that can still trigger mortal thoughts if listened to in its entirety.

But while the noise scene definitely has its proponents of the extreme Japanese noise legend Merzbow has never issued anything that wasn't singularly focused on destroying your senses that doesn't mean there's only darkness at its core, or that all noise is meant to breed fear alone. It might not ever be warm and fuzzy, and what's at its core can be mysterious. But noise can definitely excite on a visceral level, and lately it's been offering some of the most creative music in Detroit. Obscura from the fringe of modern music? Only for those that haven't discovered it yet.


PLUS: Check out the Noise Toolkit on the Music Blahg.



Posted by Johnny Loftus at September 27, 2006 2:24 PM