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March 24, 2009

Surrender all yr dreams to me tonight.

Inspired by Old Man Brown's recent reposting of a few of Glorious Noise's most ancient scrolls, namely the stone-cold 2002 (?) DKP classic "Death of a Junky" and my own "At the Barbershop" from '01, I'll be drilling into Allmusic's vast archive to highlight various write-ups from across my proud three-year tenure there.

I wrote about all kinds of shit at AMG. it was one of the awesome things about working there. Rock in all its forms. New age. Christian and CCM. Country and western, country gospel, bluegrass. Hip-hop. Writing from such a wide-open POV was fantastic, but it also allowed for some truly oddball moments. Writing about records, compilations, or one-off strangeoids that were deservedly part of AMG's database but were also the equivalent of discovering an entire record store consisting only of cut-out bins. On some days at AMG, it was if I worked at that record store, and it was my job to write up the index cards describing each release. And it was fantastic.

Here are a few of those.

Various Artists, Dallas Stars Greatest Hits

Various Artists, The String Quartet Tribute to Sum-41

(hed) pe, Only in Amerika

Various Artists, Rock On: Christian Loud
"...However, the same wanking guitar solos and vocal histrionics that plague the non-believers can be found lurking amongst the ranks of the saved."

Be sure also to check the Allmusic Blog and the Allmovie Blog for expanded content from the All Media editorial crew.


Posted by Johnny Loftus at March 24, 2009 11:03 AM

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